I’m Eli, a software engineer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Building an FPGA Game Boy emulator

I built a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator that runs on an FPGA, and can play both physical cartridges and ROM files. The whole project took about 4 months of intermittent work. Check out the code and instructions for running it here. Assembled FPGA board with cartridge adapter Introduction I’ve written a few video game system emulators before. My very first one was a mostly-complete NES emulator written in Go....

September 27, 2023

Connecting a 1980s Pinball Machine to the Internet

I built a device that allows a pinball machine from 1984 to automatically upload scores to the internet. The device taps into the machine’s memory bus and monitors the game state, uploading scores after each game. ...

February 21, 2023